fredag 5 augusti 2011

Thoughts regarding the "black spot" in front of the sun

In many videos Ursu sees a black spot in front of the sun and is convinced it's a planet or somthing similar parked in front of the sun.

This image, from a Flickr group about back dots in photos, shows that not only the sun has a black spot, sometimes asian performances gets a visit as well :

The full size image that this thumbnail is produced from is taken by Flickr-user Ahopsi and the URL to it is

A few other things to consider :
  • These groups ( and ) have images dating back to at least 2000. How come a spot that's been around for eleven years hasn't made the regular news and become common knowledge?
  • How come you can't take a welding mask or similar protection, look at the sun and see it for yourself?
  • How come it can only be captured on digital cameras?
  • In one video Ursu pointed out that the spot made reflections, but the majority of those reflections were a white spot. How can a black face produce a white reflection?
  • How come the black spot is always seems to be directly in the center of the sun, regardless of when and where the photo is taken?

The simplest answer is that it just IS a flaw (if you will) of the way certain camera sensors behave when they are asked to print something they consider is brighter than "max bright".
That's also why you CAN see black reflections in the water of the spot - in those reflections the image is too bright as well.

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