lördag 13 augusti 2011

Info on the 8.13.11 video

I'lll probably update this with some more stuff later. Probably...

The object at 2:35 in the video (and the subsequent still image) looks an awful lot like the stripes of Jupiter, but without knowing the time and POV it's impossible to find out for sure.

The pentagon/3D cube and weird star seen at 6:38 is the Scorpius constelllation.
Which is, coincidentally, the same constellation that just went past STEREO Ahead.

View from http://www.fourmilab.ch/yoursky/

Corrections of the 8.12.11 video

OK, I wasn't going to do any more but what the heck...

So, to begin with Neumayer has three webcams and you need to enter the right URL so see the one overlooking the station. Here you can select which one you want : http://www.awi.de/NM_WebCam/
The one in this video is the roof camera pointing south.

The object at 7:20 is the moon and sets perfectly correctly from right to left:

View from http://www.fourmilab.ch/yoursky/
The pentagon at 6:35 is the constellation Puppis (remember we're looking south here):
View from http://www.fourmilab.ch/yoursky/

At 41:20 there's the question if the white thing to the left is the radar dome the other webcam is mounted on and if the black thing to the right is "one of the other Neymauer stations". First, I don't think Neumayer I and II exists anymore since they were replaced by III, according to the Neumayer webpage.
Second, remember that the radar-cam is overlooking the north side of the station and the roof-cam is poining south, so there's no way the roof-cam can see the webcam-dome. As for what the image really shows I have no idea atm. The left rectangle is probably a container.

So, to the question of why the sun rises and sets at different time at the stations.
If we're looking at where they are placed on the pole it's really easy to see why the sun rises in Davis at about 4:00 and at Neumayer at about 10:00 (from http://www.weatherimages.org/latlonsun.html )

Noone questions why the sun rises 3 hours later in Los Angeles compared to New York and they're both in the USA...

Oh, and the reason Neumayer seems to have 12 hours worth of light (and it's actually only 10 if you look at the time in the video, from about 7:40 to 17:50) is that the camera switches from day vision (color) to light sensitive night vision (black/white), making the faint morning and evening light look much brighter that it really is. If you factor in the civil twilight and the fact that light is seen even after and before this (especially with a night vision camera) you see that the 10 hours is probably correct.

Update 8.13.11:
The stationary "star" over Davis at 25:40 has been at the exact same place since we first was shown images from that station, so it's most certainly a bum pixel in the camera.
Either that or Davis is fact District 9 :)

The bright light at 26:30 is the moon.

Surise IS at 01:08 at Casey.