torsdag 11 augusti 2011

Over and out for the blog

If you have read through these posts and still think
that the videos are correct, there's little point in my work.

If you have read through these posts and realized
that the videos aren't correct, my work is done.

If you have read through these posts and confirmed what you already knew,
that the videos weren't correct, my work wasn't really needed.

So unless I get specific requests about something in particular... work here is done.

Correcting the 8.11.11 video

Hello Neumayer again.

At 2:05 we're told that stars don't move - not in minutes. But what we're seeing is movement over tens of minutes.
The star in question is the same Fomalhaut we remember from earlier and if we
compare a superimposition of Neumayer from 17:40 to 18:40 to one from YourSky over the same time we, once again, see a perfect match.
And at 18:40 on YourSky we also see Diptha which makes an appearence at 2:59 in the video

View from

At 4:00 we're told that this "looks like the mini dipper - but on the other hand it doesn't".
Absolutely right - it's Lepus with the behind of our old canine friend to the right.
We also see the radar dome shadow again 
View from

And, sure enough, if we turn the YourSky "camera" around by changing the Azimuth from South-East to North-West we see the moon causing the radar dome to cast a shadow.
View from

At 6:16 we're told that the sun shoudn't be out at 9:50 in the morning. tells us it should - in fact we're only three minutes from acctual sunrise :)

We also get a great shot of the spotlight on the leftmost leg of the station, the one that supposedly was a sun or star

At 8:40 and 9:10 we notice that the small bright objects of interest over the roof only appear when the spotlight is cranked, causing lens flares.

So, to the butterfly at 10:20. There's no way this :

can be said to be the same as this :

At 27:20 it's totally impossible to see the four distinct objects in each row, no matter how much we use our minds...

Not to mention that the brightest objects on the lower left and upper right all of a sudden, after supposedly hanging together in the same formation (below) since the first picture back in January or whatever, in three days suddenly move almost past each other.