fredag 5 augusti 2011

Corrections of the 8.5.11-video

Correction 1: The formation presented as Elenin is the constellation Taurus

In the 8.5.11 video at 10:07 UrsuAdams counts to seven objects worth of Elenin just below the Pleiades (also called M45) :

and then compares it to the first image of Elenin which, if you count them, have nine objects (4+4+1).

If you look at the Horizons Views on Your Sky you see this (except the yellow line which I added) :

Mauna Kea, on which the CFHT is located, is at lat/long 19° 49'  N; 155° 28'  W and the webcam is facing east according to the info on the web page.
Below the Taurus text you see the exact triangular formation showed in the video and you see that M45 lines up perfectly when you draw a line from the brightest lowest star and between the two above, like in this (edited from the original to show line-up and the objects) image :


Correction 2 : The sun rises at the Antarctica stations.

In the 8.5.11 video Ursu says that the sun doesn't rise in Antarctica during
the winter currently down there.
That's kinda true - it doesn't rise on the direct pole, but in the outskirts it surely does as these shots from timeanddate show for Davis and Mawson :

Edit 6 Aug 2010 : The explanation that used to be presented below regarding the time discrepancies between the noted sunrise/sets above and the one seen in the Mawson video was wrong and has been corrected in a newer blog. An image of what it looked is shown  but should not be considered accurate.

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