fredag 5 augusti 2011

Australia's second moon - Ursu's 911! 8.5.11

This image from is presented as an evidence that there is a second moon in the sky
Now, I took the to the moon to right in the image above, rotated it -80°, stretched it somewhat and made it grey-scale. Apart from my result not being stretched exactly the right way, what makes my manipulated image below different from the one to the left above?

So my point is : since I could so easily create one of the moons above from the other, isn't it extremely likely that the "acctual" image is manipulated in the exact same way?
And if you download the original image and look at the Exif-information you see this :

So the photo is taken Aug 26 2010 and edited in Photoshop. Case closed.

Update Aug 6 2011:
This is apparently a recurring post as it was published in Aug 2010 in the Frank Lake Report along with news that Fidel Castro hopped a raft to America, Michelle Obama being pregnant in Jan 2011 (she should be due about now then) and lets not forget about Tuna Boy...

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