måndag 8 augusti 2011

Facts about Neumayer

Since we're going to go over a bunch of new and old stuff from the Neumayer Startion in the coming blogs I'd like to state some facts here so I don't have to go over them every time.

  • Pronounciation : Say the phrase "annoy my earth", remove the beginning "ah" and the last "th" and you'll get NOY-MY-ERR. That's how you pronounce Neumayer.
  • Location : It's lat/long is 70°39' S, 08°15' W.
  • Camera position and direction : As stated on http://www.awi.de/NM_WebCam the webcam is placed on the communications radom and is pointed at the north side of the base. So it's essentially looking south-east.
    When there's enough light it runs in normal mode (color) and if not it runs in a very light sensitive night vision (black/white) mode. (Update:) The distance between night and day sensors in the camera is also responsible for the jump in the image when it switches (or it could possibly be a different camera for night/day).
  • Daylight : Since it's about as far away from the acctual pole as you can get on Antarctica it does have some hours of light even in the winter.
  • Timezone : The camera images are presented as UTC and the station seems to use UTC as well. 
  • Other : They do send up sime "UFO:s" on their own, like ozoneprobes and other weather related balloons.
An overview of the station looks like this :
 This is a slightly cropped image from http://onorbit.com/node/789

We can clearly see the "communications radom" (RAdar DOMe), where the webcamera is located, and the "garage port" in the ground that takes you inte the nether regions of the station.

A couple of links with more info and images :
Google images also has lots of good ones.

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