tisdag 16 augusti 2011

Ahh, the 8.16.11 (aka Jupiter) video

Damn, it's like being addicted...

The Mauna Kea CFH telescope is seeing the moon (not sun) and the stars pointed out in the video are part of Pegasus and Aquarius. I see them as a big peaked bird taking dumps:

And the old faithful Your Sky :

And finally the proof that what we've been seeing in those hard focused, jerky shots lately is really Jupiter :

Your Sky has (as usual) a perfect match regarding time of day and the star pattern.
And if you look for yourself you'll see that in the middle after the green/cyanish 1h-2h line and the red one crosses you have the moon.

Warning: Cheap shot below .

So if this isn't video proof that "the evil empire" is coming to destroy us I don't know what...

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